Sunday, 3 June 2012

Breakfast Muffins

I make a lot of muffins. I know. They're by far my most customised and overused standard ratio. But it's only because they're so easy, and so delicious, and generally great!

So I've made some more. These ones are extra-special healthy. They've got oats, oatmeal, raisins and honey, so they're perfect for breakfast and nice cut in half and buttered too.

*I'm currently experimenting with the best format for my 'customised-ratio/recipes'.
For this one I'm going to try having the method and ingredients all together, and
to highlight the explanations/justifications in a different colour. Please comment
on whether you think this format works or if it would be better a different way!

  • 400g Milk. This is just according to the ratio.
  • Mix in 200g Egg (Four eggs). Amount according to the ratio again. 
  • Mix in 200g Melted Butter. Amount also according to the ratio. I actually made a bit of a mistake with measuring and ended up putting in more butter than it meant to, but the muffins didn't seem to suffer any noticeable ill-effects.
  • Mix in 50g Brown Sugar and 50g Runny Honey. The total weight is half the amount of sugar required in the ratio, because I didn't want them to be too sweet as they're breakfast muffins rather than dessert. I used half honey just for fun, and brown sugar instead of white because I wanted the overall impression of the muffin to be 'brown'.
  • Mix in 200g Plain White Flour and 200g Wholemeal Flour. The total amount is still according to the ratio, I just used half brown instead of all white.
  • Add 4tsp Baking Powder. As per the ratio again.
  • Now mix in the extras - 100g Raisins and 75g Oatmeal. This is still sort of according to the ratio - the total amount of additions should be about the same weight as the eggs and butter. The minus 25g of oatmeal is sort of on principle, because it doesn't really matter, but it's because of the last addition:
  • Once they're in the muffins cases, sprinkle the tops with Whole Oats. I guessed that there'd be a total of about 25g so I subtracted that from the amount of oatmeal to keep things even. As I said, it really doesn't matter that much.
  • Back at 180C til they're done. Probably twenty-thirty minutes.

Have a nice breakfast!


  1. Hi, wondering if you've experimented with different flours (such as chestnut flour or almond flour) in place of the traditional gluten type one?

    There's a lot of recipes out there for gluten-free muffins, but no really basic one.

  2. Hello!
    I've used ground almonds in the place of flour for cakes before (Here: and also here: I've never tried it with muffins or anything else baked though, and never any other alternative flours. I guess most of the time I would just swap an equal weight of the flour-alternative into whatever recipe, and see how it went. Then if it seemed to be too wet or dry or whatever, I would try adjusting the amount until I figured out how the amounts should be converted. Does that make any sense at all?